Instructions for Authors

Thank you for bearing with us as we have worked to plan the best possible virtual PATCH workshop. This webpage contains important information about the preparation of your video presentation for the workshop, so please read carefully.


Below we provide instructions for Copyright and Video recording that are the same for all the papers. After that, specific requirements for each Type of Paper are provided.

Copyright release

  • We are planning to make the conference presentations available in the ACM Digital Library as “Auxiliary Materials” associated with your paper. However, you are not required to make your presentation available in this way. It is strictly optional.
  • If you do plan to allow the presentation to be entered into the ACM DL, be sure you answered “yes” to recording on the eRights form that you signed.

Video recording instructions

  • Videos should be prepared using the instructions from the ACM on the URL below and should have the following properties:
    • 16×9 aspect ratio
    • MP4/MP4V format
    • The Video Codec is H.264 and the Audio Codec is AAC+ or AAC. MPEG4 PART 10 or AVC (If your video does not record with these options, you can transcode using Handbrake).
    • Use a Picture-in-Picture capable video mixer to display both presenter and slide content (Zoom can do this).
    • Compress / transcode video using Handbrake (Recommended to produce a video of reasonable size (< 100 MB))
  • Videos must have accompanying subtitles / captions to meet accessibility standards
    • Subtitles must be in the form of a separate SRT format file.
    • SRT files can be created in YouTube, but must be manually edited. YouTube text-to-speech will miss most technical terminology with unpredictable results (Upload video as a private, unlisted video to YouTube; Create captions; Edit captions in YouTube).
  • Rename files to contain paper DOI. The naming convention of the video files ({last_part_of_doi}.mp4) and subtitles ({last_part_of_doi}.srt. Examples: 3380624.mp4 and
  • Create a zip archive with MP4 and SRT files.
  • Rename zip archive to contain paper DOI. Example:
  • Upload to Firefox Send: (Set “Expires after 5 downloads or 7 days”).
  • Fill out the form at (you will need to supply: your paper #, title, DOI, the Firefox Send archive URL and length in seconds, and whether you decline the option to have your video added to the ACM Digital Library).
  • Video presentations are due Wednesday, June 24.
  • Register for the conference before June 30.
  • General ACM Requirements for Digital Library Recording
  • Further advice from SIGCHI on recording videos


The workshop will consist of pre-recorded video presentations and live question and answer sessions. We are doing this to ensure quality of the video portions of the workshop.

  • Long papers will be allocated a presentation time of 15 minutes.
  • Short papers will be allocated a presentation time of 10 minutes.
  • Video presentations are due Wednesday, June 24.